What is Gateway Rotary?

Unlike traditional Rotary Clubs that meet weekly, the Rotary Club of Northern California Gateway District 5160 (the club) meets the first Thursday of every month at 5pm and face to face social four times a year, sponsors no service projects* and performs no fundraising activities*.  Instead, members are encouraged to attend the meetings of any other Rotary club on days and at times that are convenient for them.  Members are also encouraged to support the service projects and fundraising activities of any Club in the District that they find appealing and as their schedule permits.  The primary objective of membership to “make a difference” in ways that work for YOU.

*While the club as a whole does not sponsor projects or perform fundraising activities, members are encouraged to work together in smaller teams when and where there is mutual interest.

The club’s unique organization is created for –

  • Recent graduates (21 or older)
  • Former Rotaract and Interact members choosing to continue their Rotary journey
  • Former Rotarians who left for financial reasons, job relocation, or other life events, but want to come back to Rotary
  • Current Rotarians who are considering terminating their membership due to life events
  • Current Rotarians looking for a new Rotary club within the District
  • Those who are new to Rotary and want to get to know the clubs in the District before choosing one to transfer to. The club’s affordable dues structure and flexible nature could be the right fit for anyone looking to make a difference.

Membership is a privilege and an honor. The club holds its members to the highest of ethical standards.  To become a member, the candidate must be sponsored by a current member of the club, or by a current Rotarian in good standing in any other District 5160 club, and submit a membership application.  Once the board of the club has reviewed and approved the prospective member’s application, the prospective member is presented to the current club membership for acceptance.  Upon acceptance, completion of a dues payment agreement and payment of a new member fee, the prospective member will officially become a member of the club.  An induction ceremony of new members will be held at the club’s quarterly meetings of the whole.